The Use of Spiritual Retreats

Spiritual retreats are a personal experience that can be appreciated by the perks it brings during and after the experience. By taking a step back to evaluate what is currently going on, a person can make decisions that may improve the overall quality of life and foster happiness. Bhodi-Khaya is a venue that offers activities to engage in all year round, from hiking trails to frolicking on the beach and accommodate those that seek a spiritual oasis in a secluded space in the Cape. The retreat is one of the many places available across the country for people to (re)connect with their spirituality.

What To Look For In A Retreat

Whether it’s for wellness or spirituality, the retreat that ends up being chosen should align with what you seek to achieve. For spiritual rejuvenation, it needs to be a location that caters to the need for isolation and be able to fulfill the purpose of assisting you with reasserting your faith regardless of your beliefs. What should be kept in mind is that lower levels of serotonin and dopamine in the body the lower the resulting stress and fatigue as proven by papers written in the National Center for Biotechnology Information. It’s therefore, important that the right sanctuary be chosen for the task.

What Makes Bhodi Khaya An Option

At Bhodi Khaya, where the water comes straight from nature itself in the form of a mountain spring and food is prepared using organic ingredients on every possible occasion. It serves as the ideal place to remove yourself from the hassles of everyday life in an effort to reconnect with your spirituality. With limited mobile phone reception, a strict no pets policy and wildlife that comes to your doorstep, it’s one way of working towards a healthier version of yourself. And with the company around you a new place to meet friends ready to support you during your spiritual journey.