Retreats in South Africa Even You Can Afford

The Capital city is nothing short of affordable leisure if you know where to look. After a long hard month, you might be in search of a masseuse who not only has great fingers but is good for your personal finances too. Fortunately, this can become a reality. The cost depends on the amount of time and the procedure you are looking for. Consider if it is about the face or the entire physique and if you are looking to treat someone else as well. If you are not alone you can get some sort of package deal.

What You Can Expect Cost Wise

The really good spas refer to their establishments as wellness centres. This alludes to the fact that you will be feeling well rested and rejuvenated after you visit them. A full body massage should last about 90 minutes and costs around R600. Then if you are into facials, they can start at 45 minutes and go up to 60 minutes which can cost you R450. With facials, you should note that there are different kinds and different centres offer their own specials. It would be best to view the offers a specific centre has before you go there.

De-stressing Procedures To Help The Workaholics

The centres offer the standard procedures and they have treatments that are specific to a person who needs a break. Working from early morning to late afternoon every day can take its toll on the body. When you approach a spa you need to look for treatments that can help your body detox and distress. These kinds of procedures can go from 75 to 120 minutes. They are many procedures packaged into one to help your body release tension and function optimally again. You can afford yourself a great treatment under R1000 if you are on a tight budget.