Retreat Into Relaxation And Feel Like A New You

Many people throughout the world, South Africa included, are returning back to a more natural approach to life. They are making use of traditional medicines, aromatherapy, reflexology and part taking in spiritual retreats as a means of reconnecting with themselves and the universe. Life can become quite hectic at times and you seldom take the much-needed time out for yourself. Every day becomes a scene of just going through the motions. Life is there to be enjoyed to the fullest. When you eventually are returned to dust you want to know that you have truly lived and experienced everything that life offers.

Yoga, Breathe Life Back Into You

The activities at many spiritual retreats include yoga. An ancient practice that teaches you breathing techniques and movements that allow you to relieve stress from your body and create a feeling of calm and a clear mind. While stress is a part of daily life, it is often the inability to manage stress that leads you towards situations where anger and irrational thought take over. Through yoga, you begin to realise that there are other options and by simply taking some time out to calm down before responding, stressful situations will dissipate. The age-old “count to ten” theory put to the test in reality.

Mindfulness and Meditation

You seldom take any time just taking in the wonders that have been created for your enjoyment. Practising the ability to stop and smell the roses is one that takes time, however, once you achieve it completely, an entirely new world will open up around you. Simply things like paying attention to and appreciating the sunshine, which you normally take for granted, will change the way you view your life. Meditation is common when on a spiritual retreat. This is the time you take to learn more about yourself. Silence and breathing are imperative. Before you know it, your mind will be clear of the cluttered thoughts that plague you.