Emoyeni Retreat Centre, Mooinooi

Retreats are made for different purposes to aid with different things but the basic tenets of it are the same. To give those who embark on one a chance to recuperate from the stresses and demands of their daily lives. With time to yourself, you’re able to detox or find a sense of purpose. At Emoyeni retreat, people have the option of choosing between self or formal retreat options, each with something different to offer. Although different packages are available to suit different budgets, all of them include accommodation, three meals a day and guidance for all those who attend.

Why Use Emoyeni Retreat Centre

The Emoyeni Retreat Centre (ERC) is situated in the picturesque Magaliesberg mountains north-west of Johannesburg is one of the ideal locations available to embrace Buddhist principles, yoga and meditation for Buddhist and non-Buddhists alike. Although it may be under the guise of a vacation, going to the centre offers a means of connecting with the spirit through meditation and walks for example. This coupled with the natural surroundings offers a natural way to reduce stress over and above the measures taken through participating in activities with other individuals in the retreat and enjoy the clean air and calm surroundings.

The Benefits Of Going On A Retreat

Retreats like Emoyeni are a good way to unwind but not only that. Being surrounded by like-minded individuals who have the same or similar goals allows for a greater sense of comradery and support when doing what you set out to do feels difficult. This also means that the feeling of being alone is vastly reduced. But support is not only limited to your peers but professionals who are able to help with counselling, exercises and training that takes place during the stay. Another benefit that sanctuaries like Emoyeni offer are that with the proper planning they can be cheaper than other types of excursions.