Baking stone

Baking stones are also known as pizza stones.  They are optimal for making perfect pizzas, flatbreads and many types of other food items also.  Using baking stones for cooking has been there since ancient times.  Those times people cooked their bread on flat stones on the fire, and that is the forerunner to this day’s baking stone.

baking stoneBaking stones are excellent for conducting heat and distributing it throughout the stone on an even basis, and they have a porous surface giving it the absorbent quality.  Due to all these, the pizza dough gets uniformly cooked with a crispy outer crust and a palatably crunchy centre.

 Baking stones are very easy to use and to maintain.  They need no distinguished tools or cleansers.  The color of the stone may fade away after some time but this discoloration does not affect the performance of the stone in any manner.  In fact they are likely to perform much better.  They make ideal warming trays also whether inside of the oven or outside, because of their ability to retain heat excellently.

 Using a baking stone is amazingly comfortable.  The stone is to be kept in the oven for preheating, without coatings of any kind or even oils.  Once the stone gets fully heated up, the amassed pizza is placed on it for baking.

 A pizza paddle or pizza peel as it is called is used to displace the pizza into the oven.

 Dusting the pizza with an admixture of flour cornmeal

The baking stone must be non-stick, but sometimes the new ones are a little sticky, which the cornmeal will take care of.  In the course of time with regular use, the baking stone will mold itself into a non-stick surface.

 The pizza that is fully cooked can be displaced with the peel.  You must let the stone cool down entirely and only then can it be washed with normal plain water.  Next step is to let it air dry.  There is no need to soak the baking stone or scrub it.  Never should the stone be washed using dish soap.

Baking stones are just the right choice for preparing all kinds of bread.  For making flatbreads like focaccia, barbari, chapatti, parota, American cracker bread, etc. baking stone is an ideal one.  You can also make homemade corn tortillas, biscuits, and dinner rolls.

baking stoneThe pampered chef pizza stone is one variety of baking stones.  If you find any cheese drop on the stone’s surface, it can be softly removed after the stone gets cooled.

A plastic scraper is given along with the stone, for this purpose.  A serving basket with handles is also given with the pampered chef stone to enable the round pizza stone to sit on.

Baking stones are expected to be reliable, easy to clean and durable.

Advantages of Using Pizza stone for Grill

The process of cooking the pizza on the pizza stone for grill gives you many benefits like enhanced quality and taste, high heat retention, uniform heating, faster thermal transmission and gradual cooking of pizza over extended period of time. The dough gets cooked evenly and the filing ingredients get mixed with the dough easily. Once the pizza is ready to a certain extent, you can place the stone on the indirect heating part of the grill. This protects the pizza from getting burned out and to attain uniform crispy crust all over the pizza’s top.

Pre Heating of Pizza Stone for Grill

The duration of preheating time on a grill is said to be higher than in the oven. This is due to the fact that heat escapes into the surrounding environment. When you use the standard pizza stone for grill made from Thermarite, the pre heating time is considerably reduced.

  • This enhancement of efficiency is said to be due to the heat retention capacity of Thermarite. The transmission rate is also relatively higher compared to the other types. Hence the pizza gets baked uniformly all around its edges and within the layers.
  • The pizza stone for grill can also be used for preparing cookies Pre heating the stone for about 30 minutes can help preparation of stone for dough placement.

Application of Pizza Stone for Grill

  • Then you can fill the cookie with the fillings and keep them on the stone onto the flames of the grill. When this is set for making the cookie, the dough and fillings start to get cooked. Uniform transmission of heat spreads the heat from the enter core of the stone, to all the placed cookies equally.
  • Once the temperature reaches a level wherein the cookies ‘external layers start browning. Now you need to take the stone from direct flames and place it on the indirect source of heat. This helps in reducing the temperature to considerable extent. At this you should take care of the cookies from being externally affected by the change in temperature. When you are using a material like Thermarite You will not be faced with any such hassles.
  • The pizza stone for grill can also be used for making flat bread. In this case the bread is not filled with any ingredients. Hence the process is considered to be faster. You can pre heat the grill to a temperature of 450 degrees (F) to 500 degrees (F). Then you can place stone onto the indirect heating side. Here you need to keep it for about 15 to 20 minutes. Then the cookies get cooked to the right extent.

Food Quality on Pizza Stone for Grill

The pizza stone for grill ensures highest quality and taste of food while using it in brick oven and grill. This is due to the slow cooking and baking processes involved. The filling materials get exposed to the heat gradually, increasing the temperature in steps. This process helps in enhancing the quality and taste of the foods from pizza stone for grill.