Buddhist Heaven On The Hills As Retreats in South Africa

Life can get overwhelming and can drown your spirits and peace of mind. Too much man-made pressure from society such as bills to pay and toxic relationships can not only leave you depressed but can contribute to major health problems. That is why people should take a time from their ever-busy lives to connect with their inner self and go on a marvellous retreat that will result in a better self. The Buddhist Retreat Center is the most wonderful and spiritual way to achieve and to reward the body and soul for all the hard work it goes through. The centre is literally close to the heavens situated on the hills of KwaZulu-Natal overlooking indigenous valleys and forests near the villages of Ixobo.

Silence Yourself To Hear What You Need

The centre encourages people to think and live under Buddhism philosophies and diets. Surprising their meals which are strictly vegetarian is delicious, nourishing and not only fulfilling in the stomach but to the soul too. There is a period of time where they will ask the guest to keep silent and stop talking for a while. This gives the guest a time not only to meditate but to get in touch with their inner voice and to clear the mind. Not only do they meditate but there are options to stretch and strengthen the body through yoga, the instructors will help you bend all the tension from your body away.

Activities to Do Outside And Inside

Not only is it a centre but it is also one of South Africa’s natural heritage site overlooking the Umkomaas River. It is a perfect place for a couple or for someone to go if they are looking for a getaway that will bring them closer to nature. There are plenty of activities to do such as walking and acknowledging the sculptures built in honour of a higher power, walk through the labyrinth or through the indigenous forests.